Have you ever hired a coach and been disappointed in what you got?

Or, have you ever thought about hiring a coach, but just didn’t know how to figure out who would be the right fit?

You’re not alone…

I talk to coaches all the time who need and want to be working with a business coach to help them get more clients…and I never stop being shocked at the horror stories I hear:

>> One of my clients worked with a business coach who cost over $10K…she paid up front, the coach did a few weeks of work with her and then completely ghosted! Can you even imagine??

>> A woman I spoke to last week told me how she worked with a business coach who told her to LOWER her prices. Are you kidding me – exactly how is that helping her grow her business??

>> Another coach I talked to recently told me her coach was having her work on building an online course, but there was no strategy for how to actually market and sell it. Say whhaaaat???

This breaks my heart, because not only do all these women deserve to work with someone who can truly support them and deliver on what they promise…but these BAD coaches who are stealing money and aren’t actually guiding their clients to success give the rest of us a bad name!

And the problem is…there’s no regulation of the coaching industry…anyone can just hang a shingle and call themselves a coach…so if you’re looking to hire a business coach, it can be tricky navigating through who’s the real deal and who’s not.

That’s why I’ve put together this 7-point checklist when you’re looking to hire a business coach.

And lemme just say before I run through these…that if you’re serious about building your coaching business…and you don’t want it to take forever to start making money, you do need to hire a coach.

It’ll take YEARS off your learning curve and get you bringing in clients and cash WAY faster.

Okay…here’s the run down:

1. Business Experience. This may seem like a no-brainer…but believe me when I tell you there are A LOT of business coaches out there who have zero business experience and sometimes they’re even struggling to build their own business…and yet they’re “coaching” others on how to do it. Yikes! I dunno about you, but as someone who brings 20 years of business experience to my coaching practice, that scares me to no end!

2. Problem Diagnosis & Solution. If you’re talking to a coach who’s doing the standard old discovery call, they’ll ask about where you are right now…where you want to be…and then they’ll usually start telling you how awesome they are and how they’ll help you get there. Beware of this…that is NOT a coach who is truly listening to where you’re at and diagnosing the actual problem…and if they’re not doing that, how can they ever truly know how to help you fix what’s wrong??

3. Expertise/Specialty. There are SOOOO many business coaches out there it’s often hard to distinguish what’s different about any of them…and that’s because most of them are generalists. But that’s usually not what you need. Think about it…if you have a specific health problem, you usually want to see a specialist, not a generalist. Or you have to see the generalist first only to discover you still need to see a specialist. Same for your business. You need to be working with someone who is an expert and who specializes in what you’re looking for.

4. Systems & strategy. You need to make sure that the coach you’re talking to has REAL systems and strategy for how to generate leads and clients. After all, that’s the name of the game, right? And, no, I’m not talking about someone showing you how to post on social media – that’s NOT a system…nor is it really a strategy. I’m talking about having a real lead generation system that will CONSISTENTLY bring you clients.

5. Testimonials. While I don’t put a ton of weight into this since obviously any coach is only ever going to post positive testimonials…I do think it’s worth doing your homework and going to their site to check that there is at least some social proof on there. If there isn’t, chances are you’re going to be talking to a newbie coach who’s just starting out…and if that’s the case…even MORE important to check that #1-4 & #6-7 on this list can be checked off.

6. Method. You gotta know exactly how a coach is gonna work with you. Most of them offer a weekly 1:1 call and that’s about it. I’ll tell you right now – from my own experience of being coach and coachee – that ain’t enough. You’re building a business…you’re gonna have questions and need help every single day…not just that day when you’ve got the call. That’s why I work my clients in 3 ways (online strategic training, 1:1 daily support, weekly calls) so they literally have support around the clock.

7. Connection. Even if you answer YES to #1 thru #6…if the coach you’re talking to doesn’t resonate with you on a personal level…it probably isn’t gonna be a good fit. I learned this one the hard way – I paid $5K to work with a coach who checked all the boxes, but he didn’t resonate with me and it didn’t end well. Remember, this person is going to be working with you step-by-step for a significant period…so it’s a good idea to make sure you feel a connection with them.

Hey, I wish I could say that any business coach will be able to help you get more leads and clients. But sadly, in such a saturated and unregulated industry, it’s more a case of caveat emptor (buyer beware).

So, use this checklist to help decide who would be the best business coach fit for you.

Alex 🙂


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