Why No One Is Buying Your $297 Program

I talk to coaches every week and one of the biggest frustrations I hear is that they’re struggling to scale their business to 5-figure months and beyond. They know that just doing 1:1 is gonna chew up their time and leaves them still trading dollars for hours… So what...

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Give Thanks & Celebrate the Wins (Big or Small).

Happy Thanksgiving! I know, I know, it’s only a U.S. holiday…but, there’s so much we can all learn from this annual celebration of giving thanks and expressing our gratitude. It’s so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day tasks… It’s so easy to get to the end of a...

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Burned Through Your Facebook Ad Budget & Still No Clients?

Have you ever logged into your Facebook Ads manager with that feeling of dread filling your stomach? ‘Coz the thing is, you already know your latest campaign didn’t work…because no one booked a call on your calendar or became a paying client… Still, you can’t help...

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Getting Lost in the Facebook Ad Sea of Sameness? Try This…

Have you noticed that every fourth post in your Facebook newsfeed is an ad from some coach who’s promising to make you a bajillion dollars or fix everything that’s wrong with your life in about 3 weeks…or sometimes just overnight? It’s nuts, right? Because you know...

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Running FB Ads, Growing Your List, But Still Not Enough Clients?

Have you ever run some Facebook ads to get more likes on your fan page or to grow your email list…? And it works…kinda… You do get some more likes…your list is growing… But yet, you’re still struggling to find paying clients… And maybe you’re wondering, “Well, gee,...

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