Facebook Ads Campaign Not Bringing You the Clients You Need?

Have you ever gotten so excited to launch a new Facebook ad campaign, because you just know that this time, it’s gonna work? You can already taste the sweet satisfaction of your ideal clients clicking thru and starting to book calls with you…or buy your program…or...

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Running FB Ads…But Still Not Getting Enough Clients?

Have you ever run some Facebook ads to get more likes on your fan page or to grow your email list…? And it works…kinda… You do get some more likes…your list is growing… But yet, you’re still struggling to find paying clients… And maybe you’re wondering, “Well, gee,...

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Facebook Ad Set Up Right, But Still Not Bringing in Clients?

Do you ever log into your Facebook Ads Manager account and just feel like Facebook must have some personal vendetta against you? Because you spent hours planning out this latest ad campaign… You fiddled around in Ads Manager and Power Editor to get it set up, just...

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Struggling to get clients & feel like you’re in a summer slump?

I’ve spoken with several coaches over the last couple of weeks and I’ve been hearing the same thing from most of them – they’re having a tough time finding clients over the summer…it’s like a seasonal slump is happening. And I know how this goes… Sometimes it feels...

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