Dreading Having to Sell on Your Discovery Calls? Try This…

Have you ever gotten to that part of the discovery call where you know you need to present your program and price…but it just feels like you’re launching into some kind of salesy, icky pitch? So, you kinda fumble it a bit… You know, mumbling the price, with your voice...

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The 7 Key Factors to Hiring the Right Business Coach for You

Have you ever hired a coach and been disappointed in what you got? Or, have you ever thought about hiring a coach, but just didn’t know how to figure out who would be the right fit? You’re not alone… I talk to coaches all the time who need and want to be working with...

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Hitting the end of the month and missing your income goals (again)?

Have you ever looked at the calendar, realized it’s the end of the month…and you’ve got no discovery calls today so that’s it…you’re gonna miss your income goal again… :-/ It’s so discouraging, right? And you start to wonder, how can you make next month different…how...

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Building your list by less than 50 people a month?

Do you ever log into your email system, excited to see how much your list has grown from your latest freebie opt-in…only to see that the needle has barely moved? It’s so annoying, right? You put all that effort into building a really cool lead magnet. You followed all...

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