One of the most frustrating things about running Facebook ads is that you just never know if they’re really gonna work.

I mean, you can spend hours working on your ad copy, picking out an eye-catching image, and refining your target audience…

But when you launch, you’re probably still crossing your fingers, hoping that it’ll get the clicks, grow your list, and bring you clients…

And then, after running it for a week at $5 or $10 a day, you check how it did…

And here’s what happens pretty much all the time…you get a great cost-per-click…but only a few people joined your list…and NONE of them booked a call, never mind becoming a paying client.

So then you turn your ad off, and figure, “Meh, it just cost me a few bucks to try that ad…it’s no big thing that it didn’t work…”

And then you probably go back to posting online for free…or you launch a new ad and do the same thing again…

Each time, you’re thinking, “Well, I only spent $40 on this ad…it’s not a big deal…”

How do I know?

Because I used to dabble like this all the time…and while I’d be frustrated that my ads weren’t working to bring me clients, I never really got upset because I wasn’t spending much money.

HOWEVER…I was looking at this completely backwards.

Sure, I hadn’t lost that much money.

BUT what about the money I was missing out on???

For every client NOT coming to me thru my ads I was missing out on THOUSANDS of dollars.

Yup – THOUSANDS of dollars that should have been in my bank account.

Just think about that for a moment…

If you ran an ad for 5 days at $10 a day, you’d spend $50.

And if you got just ONE client from that ad, you would make THOUSANDS!

So it’s not that you just lost $50…it’s that you MISSED OUT on THOUSANDS of dollars coming back to you.

Once I realized this, I knew there was nothing more important in my business than mastering how to get clients from Facebook ads…so that’s exactly what I did…

Yes, it was a lot of trial and error.

Yes, I invested A LOT of money doing it.

Yes, there were times I wanted to just quit.

But now, I have a simple and effective system in place that brings high-ticket clients to me like clockwork using Facebook ads.

And, since I learned it all the hard way…guess what? You don’t need to.

So if you’re done dabbling with your ads…

And you want to get a system in place that actually brings you a return on your ad spend…

And you know that for every $5-$50 you spend on Facebook that isn’t bringing you clients is actually costing you THOUSANDS…

And you want to fix this…

Here’s what to do:

Just use the link below to tell me a little about your situation and then book a time on my schedule where we’ll have a strategy session. On that call, I’ll help you fix what’s wrong with your ad right now and show you exactly how to get your ads converting to high-ticket clients (FAST).

You can do this and I’ll show you how 🙂

Alex 🙂


P.S. How long are you gonna keep thinking that it doesn’t really matter if your ads convert to clients? Every day that happens you’re missing out on thousands that should be in your bank account. Let’s fix this now: