Have you ever gotten to that part of the discovery call where you know you need to present your program and price…but it just feels like you’re launching into some kind of salesy, icky pitch?

So, you kinda fumble it a bit…

You know, mumbling the price, with your voice inflecting at the end like it’s a question…because even you aren’t that sure about charging that much…

And then you pause…(because that’s what you’ve been told to do)…

And in that moment of silence you’re pretty sure the person on the other end of the line can hear your heart thumping in your chest…

You’re filled with dread as you wait for the response, crossing your fingers and praying that you’ll hear, “Yes.”

That used to be me.

In fact, when it came to doing the “pitch” part of the call I used to get sweaty palms and feel my face flushing beet-red.

And the thing is…I’m not someone who usually gets flustered like that…but having to “sell” on my calls just turned me into a different version of myself.

And hey, sometimes people said “Yes” so it suddenly made it all okay.

But MOST of the time, they didn’t…so it meant overcoming their objections and “selling” even more.

One day I hung up the phone and just walked out of my office like a zombie.

When my husband asked what was wrong, I told him I was zero for 4 on my discovery calls for the month.

And what he said next changed everything:

“Well, basically, with this coaching business, you’ve got a sales job now. I guess you just have to figure out to sell better.”

I was floored…

I mean, let me be clear…I have absolutely nothing against sales…nothing at all!

It’s just that I thought I was building my coaching and consulting business to HELP people and to be of SERVICE…not to be in sales.

And that’s when I realized…if I’m having to SELL on my discovery calls, something is WRONG.

And what I finally figured out is that if I was doing my job right BEFORE the call…I didn’t need to “make a pitch” or “sell” at all.


In fact, what started happening is that most people were just asking, “So how can I get your help?” “When can we get started?” even before I’d mentioned my program or the price!

Plus, my conversion rate went WAY up.

Instead of praying I’d sign at least one client a month, I was signing MULTIPLE high-ticket clients…sometimes in just a week.

And that should be YOU!

You don’t need to “sell” or “pitch” on your discovery calls.

You don’t need to hear more NO’s than YES’s on them.

And you definitely don’t need to be breaking into a sweat every time you’re doing your calls.

So, if you’re done with trying to sell, sell, sell…and you want to have calls with ideal clients who have already made up their mind to work with you BEFORE they get on the phone with you…

Just click the link below, tell me a little about your situation, and we’ll book a strategy session.


On that call, I’ll map out for you exactly how you can get your prospects to the place where they simply CAN’T NOT work with you…

You can do this <3


Alex 🙂


P.S. Signing more clients from your discovery calls isn’t about having the right script, or being great at sales, or knowing how to overcome objections…it’s about what happens BEFORE someone gets on the phone with you. http://www.alexbratty.com/applynow