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Imagine this just for a moment…

What if:

…You constantly had a pipeline of QUALITY leads?

…And you were doing discovery calls with ONLY premium prospects?

…So you didn’t have to hear “I can’t afford it…”

…Or, “I have to think about it”…anymore at the end of your calls?

…And best of all…you could convert premium prospects from a click on your ad to a paying client…in just a MATTER OF DAYS?


…You didn’t have to chase down these quality clients by creating tons of free content?

…Or posting non-stop on social media?

…Or blogging your buns off?

…Or networking?

GOOD NEWS: You can!

How do I know? ‘Cause I’ve done it…and my clients are doing it…

But maybe you’re thinking, “Isn’t talking to broke people just par for the course in building my coaching biz?”

I’m here to tell you, nope…you don’t have to do this AT ALL.

Or maybe you’re thinking, “Well, if I just got more leads, I wouldn’t have to talk to so many broke, indecisive folks.”

Yeah…totally logical…I get it…

But the problem is…you crank your ads up, post more online, and all you get is even more broke and crazy people reachin’ out…wanting to pick your brain for free.

And you’re worth WAY more than that…

Because I know you have magic to share with the world.

I know you want to work with your dream clients…help them transform their lives…and make great money doing it.

But you can’t do that if you’re spending a bunch of time on the phone talking to people who can’t afford to work with you.

Do the math…if you’ve got a high-end program for $2,500…and you talk to 3 clients this week with the call ending in, “I don’t have the money,” or “I have to think about it,” or, “I’m not ready”…

That’s $7,500 you just missed out on.

$7,500 that’s NOT in your bank account…

And a month of that is 4 weeks x $7,500 = $30,000!

That’s serious money…and it’s NOT in your bank account.

The simple fact is this – you can’t afford to keep talking to people who are broke.

You need a system where you’re ONLY talking to premium prospects…

Your dream clients who are ready, able, and willing to invest.

And it’s absolutely possible to do this…

Just click the link below to access this brand-new webinar where I map out the 3 simple steps you can take right now to fix this problem so you’re booking clients and making money.


Alex 🙂


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