One of the most frustrating things when you’re building your coaching business is that you’re constantly producing more and more content…but yet it’s still not bringing in any paying clients.

Urgh…any of this sound familiar?

>> Creating posts to share in Facebook groups every day.

>> Starting your own FB group, so you gotta add content in there daily.

>> Maintaining a presence on LinkedIn and trying to get engagement on Instagram.

>> Building a lead magnet/opt-in so you can grow your list (except you’ve only got 35 “real” people on that list so far…the rest are your family and friends).

Maybe you’ve even spent the time to create an amazing online course that’s sitting there on your website, waiting to be snapped up for just $197 (although right now the only purchase was from YOU when you tested that the shopping cart was set up right).

And every day, you’re sitting down at your computer thinking, “Okay, what content do I need to create and put out there today?”

Quickly followed by, “OMG…how much content do I have to produce before I actually get some discovery calls and paying clients????”

It does your head in, right?

Because here you are…you’re a talented coach, people get results when they work with you, and you REALLY know your stuff.

You’re an expert at what you do…no doubt.

But you’re bank account does NOT reflect that…

So you think you’ve got to hustle and create more content…get even more visible…post on even more social media platforms…Snapchat, anyone?

And before you know it…every day is spent churning out content…feeding the social media beast…

And while you’d rather just switch off from it all…you’re still on your phone as you’re going to bed, responding to comments on your posts, and talking over PM with utter strangers…

All in the hope that sooner or later one of those likes, comments, or PMs will finally become a client.

Yup…I’ve totally been there, soul sister.

When I was trying to get my coaching business going, I was working 50-60 hours a week, posting in 5-8 Facebook groups (plus my own!), and creating a free training or webinar at least once or twice a month.

Did it work? Yes – I was able to pack out my 1:1 coaching practice doing all of this.

Yay – awesome! But also, not so awesome at the same time.

Why? Because it was an exhausting hamster wheel of constant content creation…and I couldn’t get off it because…hey, being visible and providing more and more content was the only way I knew to get clients…

…until I realized that I HAD to find a better way…because long-term, all that visibility stuff and content creation – it’s NOT sustainable…and it sure as heck ain’t scalable…

…because there’s only one you and there are only 24-hours in the day.

>> How much content can you produce?

>> How many social media platforms can you feed?

I plateaued around $6K-$8K a month doing all that…so I knew I had to find a way to get to the next level.

That’s when I took a step back and went in another direction: automation.

Yup, I implemented an automated system that brings clients TO me instead of chasing them down all over Facebook and Instagram.

It’s a simple system and it works like crazy for filling my calendar full of discovery calls and premium clients.

I’ve more than doubled my previous income (consistent $15K-$17K months and growing).

And the best part? I’m working LESS than ever before – just 20-30 hours a week.

So if you’re fed up with all this manual content creation…posting your whole life in FB groups…and working your butt off for way less $ than you know you’re worth…

And you realize that you’ve got to get a REAL SYSTEM in place to bring clients TO you…here’s what to do:

Click the link below and tell me a little about your situation, then we’ll book a call and I’ll map out for you EXACTLY how you can implement this system and get it working for you, so you’re working less and earning more.

You CAN get out of the constant content-creation and social media grind with this simple fix.

Alex 🙂

P.S. Not too long ago I thought it was awesome to have 5-6 discovery calls a month on my calendar…now, I’m booking that many per WEEK…and doing it all on AUTOPILOT. How?  I’ll show you: