Do you ever sit down at your computer, pull up your calendar, and your heart sinks as you look at the wide-open blocks where you should have discovery calls booked?

And it’s not like you haven’t been trying to book calls.

In fact, it feels like you’ve been doing everything you can to get some calls on your calendar…

>> Running special offers on your program.

>> Sending emails to your list.

>> Posting on FB and IG.

>> Offering free coaching sessions.

>> Blogging your buns off.

It’s so frustrating, right?

Because you HAVE picked up the odd client here and there.

A few of the social media posts you did got some traction, and a few people even messaged you to find more about what you do.

You sense that you must be doing something right because there IS interest.

But you can’t figure out how to make it all happen more consistently.

Maybe one month your calendar looks pretty good – you’ve got several calls on there.

But then the next, back to those wide-open blocks of time that you just wish could be filled.

And you sit there wondering, “What did I do last month that worked so well? How can I make that happen again?”

It reminds me of when I used to live on the East Coast and we’d go fishing just off Long Island.

Some days the fish seemed to just be jumping into our boat…every time we put our hooks in the water, boom – we got a bite. Super fun!

But then we’d have days where we couldn’t even catch an old shoe…

We’d spend hours out on there…

Changing up our location.

Changing up our bait.

Changing up how we were casting.

You name it…we tried it…

And still, nothing…it sucked!

And it’s the same thing that’s happening in your business.

You’re trying all kinds of strategies and tactics…

Learning new tools and platforms…

All in the hopes that you’ll attract some clients…

And that’s why it’s all so inconsistent…

Because there’s no SYSTEM to what you’re doing…

Basically, you’re out there “fishing” around…and so sometimes you catch and sometimes you don’t.

BUT…the GOOD NEWS is that there is a very simple system that’s working right now to attract high-ticket clients…consistently…like clock-work.

And the best part is that there’s no need to go “fishing” for these clients…they come right to you.

So, if you’re fed up with fishing around, trying a bunch of different strategies to find clients, and still finding your calendar with wide-open blocks of time…here’s what to do:

Just click the link below, tell me a little about yourself, and we’ll book a strategy session.

On that call, I’ll map out for you exactly how this simple system works, plus how you can quickly and easily implement it in your business so you’re consistently booking discovery calls with high-ticket clients.

You do NOT need to go fishing to find clients…

Get the right system in place, and they’ll come to you…

Alex 🙂

P.S. Not too long I was only booking about 3-4 discovery calls a month – it was slim pickins! Ever since I implemented this simple system, I always have at least 20 calls on my calendar each month. You can do that, too – I’ll show you how: