Do you ever get fed up with your empty calendar, hearing “no” on discovery calls, and staring at your bank account…wishing you had more money in there?

I talk to coaches all the time who tell me this exact story…and they’re literally on the brink of giving it all up…

Because they’ve tried EVERYTHING:

>> Posting on Facebook

>> Growing their Insta following

>> Starting a FB group

>> Running FB ads

>> Blogging

>> Networking

>> Twitter

>> YouTube

The list goes on and on…

And yet it seems that the more things they try, the less it works…

Not kidding…I spoke to a coach just the other day who was working 40 hours a week in her business and she’d been doing that for 5 months…

So, to-date, she’d put in 800 hours of work to her business…and she’d made just $1,000.

That’s $1.25 an hour!

She could have worked those 800 hours at Walmart and made about 7-8 times that amount!

And it’s heart-breaking, because she’s an amazing woman, a fabulous coach, and she KNOWS she can help so many people.

But, she’s stuck earning $1.25/hr in her business right now. Argghh…

And I’d love to tell you that this is an unusual story…but it’s not.

Most coaches are struggling like this.

Just take a look at your Facebook newsfeed or jump into a few Facebook groups and you’ll see – it’s all totally saturated with coaches offering their services and hunting around for clients.

It’s the social media equivalent of having a town with 10,000 residents and 10,000 Starbucks stores…there’s a Starbucks store for every person…how could all those stores ever survive???

They wouldn’t!

And that’s what’s happening online…

Sure, social media offers you access to millions of people (not just 10,000)…but, there are also millions of coaches out there, too – in every single niche.

And unless you’re overwhelmed with the number of people who are trying to give you money to work with you, chances are you’re getting lost in that sea of sameness.

But it’s NOT your fault…because you’re just doing what you see everyone else doing.

Problem is…doing what everyone else is doing isn’t working – that’s why so many coaches are struggling…

BUT…here’s the GOOD NEWS: it’s really simple to fix all of this.

There is a simple system that works like gangbusters to generate consistent quality leads with your absolute ideal clients…and it’s almost 100% overlooked!

>> No more chasing down clients using every tactic under the sun…

>> No more frustration and feeling mystified about why nothing’s working…

>> No more empty calendar, wondering where that next paying client is coming from…

So, if you’re done with all the struggle…and you want to get a REAL system in place that creates a constant pipeline of your absolute dream clients booking onto your calendar every week, here’s what to do…

Just click the link below, tell me a little about yourself, and we’ll book a strategy session.

On that call, I’ll map out for you EXACTLY how this system works and how you can implement it quickly and easily in your coaching business…so you can get out of that sea of sameness and finally start booking clients with ease.

You can do this! <3

Alex 🙂


P.S. My client Parijat came to me ready to give up…she’d lowered her prices, tried all the usual tactics to grow her business…and still, nothing. Just a few weeks later, we had DOUBLED her prices, fixed her system, and she signed her first paid-in-full dream client. That can be you, too. How? I’ll show you: