Happy Thanksgiving!

I know, I know, it’s only a U.S. holiday…but, there’s so much we can all learn from this annual celebration of giving thanks and expressing our gratitude.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day tasks…

It’s so easy to get to the end of a week or a month and say, “Ugh, I really wanted to be further ahead than I am right now. I really thought I’d have more clients, more income, more whatever…

It’s so easy to get sucked into that way of thinking because I know you set big goals for yourself and you so desire to achieve them.

BUT, in the process of looking at what you didn’t get done, you’re focusing on lack and you’re totally ignoring all that you DID accomplish…

And let’s face it…if you look back on just this past month I bet you can point to a ton of achievements and important things you got done!

So next time you start beating yourself up or getting discouraged because you’re not as far along as you want to be, pause and take inventory:

>> Write down every single win – big or small – it doesn’t matter, get in the habit of acknowledging them all.

>> Celebrate and be grateful for all those wins and for the major progress you’ve made in the past week, month, quarter.

>> Focus on those wins and that progress because when you do you’re sending a powerful message: “Universe, I love this and I want more!!! Bring it!

So this Thanksgiving…whether you’re sitting down to a turkey later today or not…remember to be thankful for all the good, for all the progress…and know that when you express that gratitude, more greatness is already on the way!

You’ve got this <3

Alex 🙂

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