One of the biggest frustrations I hear from coaches and consultants trying to get more clients is that they’re spending a ton of time looking for leads in Facebook groups or on Instagram and yet they’re not getting anywhere.

It’s exhausting, right?

Every day, you’ve got to feed the visibility beast…put content out…create posts and make offers…all in the hopes that your ideal client will see it and reach out to you.

I hear you and I’ve totally been there…and when you scroll through these groups or your feed, it just feels like one massive spam-fest of everyone doing the same thing…

Your voice gets drowned out by the thousands of other coaches and consultants trying to do exactly what you’re doing.

And, it’s NOT your fault – you’re doing your very best to stand out, to have a great message, and to connect with your ideal clients.

And, you’re just doing what you’ve been taught to do…what most business coaches are teaching these days: get visible on social media and you’ll grow your business.

But then you’re left wondering why it’s not working for you…and you’re probably wondering if this is what’s it come to: that unless you’re posting every day and spending hours and hours on social media, individually PM’ing with people, you just won’t find clients.

Here’s the GOOD NEWS: there IS another way…a better way to get coaching and consulting clients.

And it does NOT involve posting multiple times a day on social media or having to grow your IG following.

In fact, it’s a simple system that runs on autopilot…so you don’t have to wrack your brain every day trying to come up with yet more content to post.

How do I know?

Because I used to be where you are – posting in groups, constantly having to chase down clients…until I decided: this is not for me. I’m just not willing to be a slave to social media.

And at the time I made that decision, I’d actually figured out a whole system for how to successfully sign clients using FB groups. I’d hit my first 5-figure month…and I could have kept going with what was working.

But the fact is, I just found it to be too much of a grind…and I was sitting at my desk each day thinking, “Having to create all this content and constantly post every day is NOT the freedom-based business I’ve been dreaming about…frankly, this sucks.”

So I committed to finding ways I could AUTOMATE my client-getting process.

And now I have a super-simple system in place which allows me to book 20+ discovery calls a month – completely on AUTOPILOT!

Yup – no more chasing down clients in FB groups and on IG…clients are coming TO me.

And the beauty about this system is that it’s totally customizable to pretty much any coaching or consulting niche.

So if you’re over the whole struggle to break through and be noticed in FB groups, and you want to get a simple system in place that will CONSISTENTLY bring clients TO you (no more chasing them down), click the link below, tell me a little about your situation, and we’ll book a call to fix this.

On that call, I’ll map out for you my exact system and how you can customize it for your coaching/consulting niche so you can get going with a real strategy that’ll fill your calendar full of calls and clients.

You can do this <3

Alex 🙂


P.S. You don’t need to know more strategies, be more visible, create more videos…or any of that other “stuff.” You just need a simple, AUTOMATED system that converts to clients. I’ll map it out for you: