If you’re building a business, you’re gonna experience fear…it’s just a fact.

Maybe it’s fear of failure…or fear of success (yes, this is a real thing) …or fear of not being good enough…or fear that you can’t find enough clients…

Whatever way it appears for you…fear is something, that as business owners and entrepreneurs, we have to learn to live with…because no matter what level you’re at…it’s always gonna show up.

And, unless you figure out how to navigate thru your fear, it’ll hold you back, keep you stuck, and bumping your beautifully-coiffed noggin against a glass ceiling.

I had my own lesson in doing just that when I was stuck up a mountain recently with my husband and one of our hiking buddies.

We’d taken a VERY challenging route on the way up and since I’m scared of heights…and since we were clinging to the rock-face with a sheer drop below (or at least it felt like that to me), I found myself paralyzed by fear…I literally couldn’t move.

I didn’t want to go down because YIKES, the look of that was even scarier than going on up!

I couldn’t go up because I was scared I’d slip if I moved even a single muscle!

BUT…let’s get real…I also couldn’t just stay there, right?

And it’s the same in your business…you can’t stand still…and who are we foolin’? …you know you’re NOT going back…you’re all-in on building this biz…

So that means you MUST move forward…but how do you do it, when you’re so scared of failing (or falling)?

1. Reconnect with your why. You have to regain clarity about why you’re on this journey in the first place…why did you start? What’s your end goal? Why do you want to get there? For me, it was about getting to the top of the mountain…what is it for you? There IS a why…so remind yourself of it.

2. BUT don’t put all your focus on that why. Huh? Doesn’t this contradict #1? No. You do need to reconnect to the why and have that end-game in mind. BUT, if you spend all your time focusing on that it can actually keep you stuck, because sometimes our BIG WHY seems so out of reach. I can definitely attest to this…the top of that mountain may as well have been as far away as the moon…I couldn’t even fathom how I was gonna get there.

3. Instead, just figure out the next step. I remembered when I used to be a runner that the strategy to making it up hills was just to pick off something 10-20 yards in front of you…get there…then pick off the next object 10-20 yards ahead…keep doing it and before you know it…you’re at the top of the hill. So, that’s what I did…I just focused on getting to the next ledge, then the next…and the next…and about 20 mins later we were at the summit.

Sure, I was climbing a mountain…but it’s really no different to what you need to do in your business.

Re-connect to your why…but just keep it in the back of your mind…and instead, focus on what is the next step I can take to move me closer to my goal?

Even if it’s a tiny step…doesn’t matter…you’re moving forward.

And the funny thing about taking one step is that it makes you want to take another and another…

And before you know it, you’re gonna look back from the top of your mountain and realize just how far you’ve come.

You’ve got this. <3

Alex 🙂


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