Have you ever logged into your Facebook ads account or received their latest billing email and had that sinking feeling in the pit your stomach?

Because you thought this time your kickass ad campaign was gonna bring in real clients and cash…

You set it all up perfectly – great image, great copy, great offer, great targeting.

You name it, you had it nailed with that ad!

And yet, here you are, once again, staring at the bill from Facebook, knowing that the ad didn’t bring in any clients to offset the cost, never mind make a profit.

Ugh – it’s just the worst, right?

And I talk to so many coaches who feel like this.

They’re running ads, they’re setting up courses and programs, they’re offering free discovery calls.

They’re doing all the “right” things…but it’s still not working…

And the most frustrating part of all…they don’t know why it’s not working…

I mean, hey, if you knew why something wasn’t working, you’d just fix it, right?

But the problem is that Facebook doesn’t make it that simple.

No. In fact, Facebook deliberately makes it WAY more complicated than it needs to be so that you keep spending money, trying to figure it out.

Great business model for Facebook.

Horrible business model for you.

And it’s only made worse by the fact that THOUSANDS of coaches are using Facebook ads.

Just check your newsfeed – it’s full of ads from coaches…all looking for their ideal clients.

So, not only does Facebook stack the deck against you…but now, you also have to deal with how to stand out in what’s becoming the FB ad sea of sameness!

I’ve lived this up-close-and-personal…

I spent thousands of dollars on ads, testing audiences, testing images, testing copy, testing funnels…

And it wasn’t until I figured out a simple system that solves the FB ad problem AND brings clients to the point where they want to buy from you, that things started to turnaround.

That’s right…because even when you get your ad working…you still need to compel your ideal client to take action to work with you and want to pay you.

And the simple system I discovered does BOTH of those crucial things.

In fact, once I implemented this system, I went from losing money on Facebook ads every month to making an 1100% return on my ads.

That’s right – for every $1 I spend on ads, I make back $11 – like clockwork.

>> No more scratching my head, wondering why it’s not working.

>> No more wasting my time geeking out in ads manager trying to figure out what buttons to press.

>> No more donating money to Facebook!!

And the absolute best part of this system?

It can be customized to fit pretty much any coaching niche – no matter how saturated your market is – so you can stand out in the newsfeed, your ideal clients want to click on your ad, and they want to take action to work with you.

So, if you’re sick of fiddling around with your ads, trying to get them to convert to clients, and you want to get a system in place that gets your ads working and clients booking onto your calendar, here’s what to do…

Just click the link below and tell me a little about your situation, then book a strategy session. On that call, I’ll map out for you exactly how this system works and how you can QUICKLY and EASILY implement it in your coaching business so you’re working with great clients and making a profit on your ads.


You can do this! <3

Alex 🙂


P.S. You don’t need a big ad budget to start signing clients and making a profit – in fact, you can start at just $5-$10 a day and scale from there. How? I’ll show you:  http://www.alexbratty.com/applynow