Have you ever looked at the calendar, realized it’s the end of the month…and you’ve got no discovery calls today so that’s it…you’re gonna miss your income goal again… :-/

It’s so discouraging, right?

And you start to wonder, how can you make next month different…how can you sign more clients, hit those goals, and finally get some money rolling in??

So you start to think, well, I could probably get more clients if I ran a special offer or dropped the price on my program…

But the problem with that is you’re totally under-charging for your magic and you’ll end up working even harder to make money.

But it’s so frustrating because you know you have so much to offer and you can help so many people…if only you could get clients…

I mean, it’s like you’re a 5-star hotel with a 10% occupancy rate.

Or worse yet, you’re a 5-star hotel charging youth hostel prices!

It’s super annoying and I get it – I’ve been there.

Because the more you’re not getting the results you want, the more you feel you’ve got to work harder, hustle more, offer more options, drop your prices…and on and on and on.

And all that does is create the downward spiral of working harder for less…and a lot of hair-pulling moments along the way…

Because as you keep dropping your prices, you get more of those tire-kickers booking on your calendar. They have zero intention of moving forward with you – they just want to hop on the phone so they can pick your brain for free.

Or maybe you’re getting the broke clients over and over again…

And the more you hear “I can’t afford it” or “I’m not ready to move forward right now,” or “I have to think about it…” the more you wonder how you’re ever gonna grow this business.


If you are working like crazy in your biz and NOT making the kind of $$$ you know you should be making…

->>> Doing MORE of it is just going to make it WORSE!!

->>> Dropping your prices is just gonna make it WORSE!!!

THE GOOD NEWS: you don’t need to work harder, drop your prices, or start using 10 new tactics to find clients next month.

You can fix this really easily.

The fact is, if you want to consistently post 5-figure months in your business and work with premium clients – the best clients, the “cream of the crop” you need to simplify what you’re doing (not make it more complicated).

And there is a very simple system that is working right now for attracting HIGH-TICKET clients and having them WANT to invest with you in your PREMIUM package.

It’s only 3 steps and it just flat out works.

So if you are ready to start booking in clients who have money and want to give it to you – click the link below, let’s book a call and I’ll map out this exact formula for you:


Alex <3

P.S. Wasn’t long ago that I was trading dollars for hours and wondering where my next client might come from. I implemented this 3-step system and now I consistently sign high-ticket clients and create 5-figure months. Oh, and I’m doing it by working LESS in my business.

How? I’ll show you: