I talk to coaches and consultants all the time who tell me that they’re just not hitting their income goals.

Some of them are after that holy grail of $10K months…others are already there and looking to grow to $20K-$30K-$50K months…

Doesn’t matter what level they’re at…if they’re not bringing in the money they want, it’s nearly always because of one simple thing: They’re not making (enough) offers.

Seems too simple, right? But it’s true.

It’s almost like we forget that we need to make offers…or maybe we get scared that we’re making too many offers…

Doesn’t really matter why we do it…the problem is still the same: If you’re not making offers, then you’re not going to make sales. #Truth!

So, next time you’re holding yourself back from making an offer, here are 3 simple steps to keep in mind that will keep you on track and making offers like a pro:

1. Realize that when you don’t offer, you’re doing a disservice. I know you’re a coach/consultant for a reason – you love to help people. So I also know that this point is going to hit home, hard. GOOD – I want it to. When you choose NOT to make an offer, you are depriving the very people you could help with your magic. So, let me ask you: Do you want to be the coach who could have helped someone transform their life, but because you were too scared to make an offer, that someone is still stuck in their misery? Yeah, I didn’t think so…make the offer, already!

2. Realize that most people will say no. Okay, this is the one I think most coaches/consultants struggle with the most…and it’s what causes the fear of making an offer – the fear of being rejected. But the simple fact is that of course most people are going to say no. Just accept that. I mean, heck, even the most prolific online marketers/coaches aren’t getting a 50% or higher conversion rate! Plus, most of the time, “no” simply means “not now” or “I need more info/value”…which leads me to my next point…

3. Realize that if you provide value, you can make offers all day long. This is the key to making effective and frequent offers. You must provide value first. If you don’t then your offer is nothing more than spam…and we all HATE spam. And I know you’re not a spammer…you’re an authentic, well-intentioned, cool cat, who just wants to get paid for the amazing work you do. So just make sure you’re providing value BEFORE you make your offer. That’s it – it’s that simple!

Okay…why are you still here and reading this? Shouldn’t you be out there making some offers?

Get to it, lady!

Make the offer…make the sales…build the business you’ve been dreaming of…that’s it.

Alex 🙂


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