Have you ever looked at your business “to-do” list and thought, “OMG! How am I ever gonna get thru this?”

Not only that, but when you look at everything you think you’re supposed to be getting done, you’re always half-wondering if these new tactics/ideas are gonna work – will they actually get you more clients, like all the gurus are promising??

Because hey, it’s not like you haven’t tried a boatload of other shiny new object ideas and ninja tricks that looked like they could be the answer to your problems.

And, nearly always, none of them worked…

I know because I’ve been there…and I talk to coaches every week who list out the 20 things they’re working on to try to find clients.

And you know how it goes…it’s like playing slots in Las Vegas…

I live in Vegas and so every now and then I’ll be walking thru a casino and watching the tourists play…

They play each machine for a while and when it doesn’t pay off, they move to the next one…and the next one…and the next one…

All in the hopes that at some point, one of these machines is gonna pay off big enough that it’ll cover what they’ve already spent and give them a profit.

And that’s kinda how a lot of coaches are setting up their plan to get clients…

They’ll try this tactic until they see it doesn’t work…then they’ll move to the next one…and the next one…and the next one…

And before you know it, MONTHS have slipped by and you’re still not bringing in nearly the level of cash and clients you want.

It’s SUPER-frustrating!

And here’s the biggest kicker – it’s NOT your fault.

Not at all.

You’re just trying to do what everyone says is the latest, greatest, hottest thing out there for getting coaching clients.

The big problem?

Everyone else is trying all those things, too…and so you get lost in the sea of sameness.

Used to be you could create a Facebook group and within a few weeks, you’d have close to 1,000 people in it and be booking clients left and right.

Not anymore – everyone’s got a group…and no one needs to join yet another group…

Same thing with pretty much all the online strategies…even with ads…you’ve probably noticed that your Facebook feed is jam-packed full of ads from coaches who are all looking for clients.

So what gives? How do you break free from what everyone else is doing and actually get to a place where you’re able to consistently bring in clients…without all the hustle and workin’ 42 different tactics???

Honestly, it’s actually really simple.

In fact, it’s such a simple system that’s it’s almost 100% overlooked – and it’s a total game-changer.

Before I implemented this system I was working 50-60 hours a week, creating tons of content (I had 12 different lead magnets!), spending way too much time trying to find clients on social media…and I was plateauing around $6K-$8K per month.

After getting this system in place, I more than doubled my income ($17K in my first month using it), and I was working less than ever before (20-30 hours a week)…

So, if you’re done with the crazy hustle, the shiny-object chase, and the non-stop hunt for clients, here’s what to do…

Click the link below, tell me a little about your situation, and we’ll book a strategy session.

On that call, I’ll share with you EXACTLY how this system works, how you can customize it to fit your coaching business, and how you can implement it QUICKLY & EASILY, so you’re consistently booking high-ticket clients.


Alex 🙂


P.S. Not too long ago I was posting every day in FB groups, running live challenges and workshops every month, and in constant hustle mode to find clients. Now, my system works on auto-pilot for me so I’m working less, earning more, and have a consistent stream of clients coming TO me. How? I’ll show you: http://www.alexbratty.com/applynow