I’ve spoken with several coaches over the last couple of weeks and I’ve been hearing the same thing from most of them – they’re having a tough time finding clients over the summer…it’s like a seasonal slump is happening.

And I know how this goes…

Sometimes it feels like your business is unstoppable – you’re signing clients left and right.

Other times, you’re wondering how you’re gonna pay the bills because you’re not booking calls and you’re struggling to find clients.

And, if you’re using a lot of the strategies most coaches are using to get clients, that summer slump can hit like clockwork right around the end of June and into July.


Because fewer people are showing up to networking events, more people are taking vacation time…and if your clients happen to be parents, they’re probably more focused on spending time with their kids during the school holidays.

So, I guess you can just plan for this seasonal slump and weather thru the next couple months…

But it’s not like this is the only time of year that business can slow down…

No sooner will it pick up again in September, than it’ll cool off again going into Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

My point is – there’s always something coming up on the calendar that can cause the natural flow of clients to slow down.

So if you just accept that’s the way it is, you’re gonna be on a never-ending roller-coaster.

I’ve seen this happen so many times with coaches and it becomes a hellish ride…because it’s not just all the money your bank account is missing (although that’s huge)…but it’s also the emotional and mental roller-coaster that goes along with it all…

You start questioning if you’re ever going to be able to scale your business and create that financial freedom you dream of…or are you forever gonna be trapped in this plateau of making a few grand a month, up-and-down cycle?

And here’s the biggest tragedy of all…none of this is your fault.

You’re working your butt off to grow your business.

You’re doing everything you can to find clients: posting online, blogging, podcasting, networking, asking for referrals…the list goes on and on, right?

And yet, you’re at the mercy of the holiday calendar…

BUT – here’s the thing: it does NOT have to be this way.

You don’t have to ride this seasonal roller coaster.

You can create a business that’s completely insulated from all those seasonal and cyclical factors…so that no matter what’s happening, you’re still getting a constant stream of clients booking in with you.


By getting an automated system in place that works FOR you and brings clients TO you (no more chasing them down and living in famine during summer slumps).

And, no more relying on all those old-school, manual, and time-intensive tactics that aren’t reliable in the first place. I mean seriously, when you’re networking and posting online, you have NO IDEA when that next client is gonna come along.

But if you have the right system in place, you can create stability in your business, and know that every single month you’re gonna be bringing in high-ticket clients.

This time last year, I was in a summer slump…and it SUCKED…because the more I couldn’t find clients, the more hustle I did to make up for it.

I was running special offers, creating new lead magnets, hosting challenges…you name it, I did it.

And despite all that work, August 2016 was one of my worst months all year…instead of my usual $7K-$10K a month, I brought in just $3,524.01. It was depressing.

That’s when I knew, I had to get a REAL system in place that would mean I am NEVER vulnerable to the seasonal slumps ever again.

And, you know what happened?

Ever since I put my automated system in place, I’ve been booking 20+ discovery calls a month (even during holiday seasons), making a minimum of $15K a month, AND working fewer hours than ever before.

So, if you’re done with riding out the summer slump and the seasonal ups-and-downs…and you want to get a REAL system in place that creates consistent clients and cash, here’s what to do…

Just click the link below and tell me a little about your situation, then book a strategy session. On that call, I’ll map out for you exactly how this system works and how you can QUICKLY and EASILY implement it in your coaching business.


You can do this! <3

Alex 🙂


P.S. Leaving your business vulnerable to seasonal slumps is like trying to ride out a hurricane with no shelter or food. You need to protect yourself from the chaos and uncertainty by getting a real system in place that consistently fills your calendar with high-ticket clients. How? I’ll show you: http://www.alexbratty.com/applynow