Have you ever felt like building your online coaching business is kinda like being stuck on a never-ending hamster wheel of constant content creation?

You know how it goes:

>> Create Facebook posts so you’re staying visible every day.

>> Make sure you’re doing at least a few FB lives each week…because, hey, everyone says video is the key to success.

>> Build a new opt-in that you just know will be the one to work (yet it never seems to).

>> Design a passive income product or a low-end offer that surely they can’t resist (but you’ve only sold 2 at $197…and that ain’t paying the bills this month).

And you’re wondering…will I ever get to the place where I have a steady stream of clients and I’m making 5-figure months?

I’ve done all of these things so I totally get how frustrating it can be…day after day, pouring your heart and soul into your business…but making money like it’s a hobby.

True story:

When I first started my coaching business, I walked away from a multi-six figure career…and I made anywhere from $0-$300 for the first 6 months (ouch).

Not only that, but I was working about 50-60 hours a week in it…learning as much as I could, implementing every tactic and strategy I could lay my hands on…going to networking meetings even though I hated them…the list of what I was doing goes on and on and on…yet still no clients (double ouch!)

Then I started getting really active on Facebook…posting every day in groups, creating tons of free content to grow my list…and yeah, it worked to a certain degree because I did finally get some high-ticket clients doing this…

But…it was so unpredictable…feast-or-famine months…and it constantly required me to be producing more and more content.

It was exhausting…but that wasn’t even the problem…

THE ACTUAL PROBLEM: it’s not a real strategy…and it’s definitely NOT a strategy that can grow your business long-term.

Because all you’d ever do in this scenario is be stuck in the never-ending loop of posting on social media, creating more content…and on and on…

BUT – HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS: there is a simple fix.

There is a simple system that actually brings prospects TO you (no more need to post online, blog, create more content).

And it’s a simple system that can fill your calendar with calls and clients…completely on AUTOPILOT!

Once I got this system in place, everything changed:

>> I went from working 50-60 hours a week in my business to just 20-30 hours/wk.

>> I went from the content creation hamster wheel to running just ONE automated webinar that consistently packs my calendar with discovery calls (20+ calls a month…like clockwork).

>> I’ve gone from feast-or-famine months to a predictable business model where I ALWAYS know where that next client is coming from and I’m making $15K-$17K/month…and growing.

And the raw truth is this: until you get a system like this in place, you’re going to be stuck in constant content creation mode and posting non-stop on social media.

So, if you’re ready to get off that merry-go-round and streamline your business so you’re working less and earning more, click the link below, tell me a little about your situation, and we’ll book a strategy session.

On that call, I’ll map out this system for you and exactly how you can quickly and easily implement it and make it work for your business.


You can do this and I’ll show you how 🙂

Alex 🙂


P.S. If you’re not getting clients, posting more on social media isn’t going to fix the problem…you’re just doing more of what isn’t working. You need a real system that brings clients TO you. How? I’ll show you:  http://www.alexbratty.com/applynow