Welcome back to Day 5!


Today we’re looking at an important way you can start to release old habits and thoughts so you can create more time and space for what’s important to you.


One of the reasons you feel so burned out or stressed is that you’re being pulled in different directions and saying yes to pretty much every request that comes your way.

Of course, sometimes we are genuinely needed and our help is truly warranted. But, other times we’re just saying yes because we feel we should – and maybe it would actually serve us better to say no.


Learning to say no is a crucial technique to reducing your burnout, exhaustion, and stress.


First off, unless the situation is an emergency, take a pause before saying yes. Just tell the other person you’ll get back to them shortly or that you need to check your schedule.


Then, ask yourself four key questions to help assess whether to say yes or no to a request:


  • Is this something I want to do?

  • Do I have the time?

  • Is it a priority for me?

  • Am I valuing myself and my time if I do this?


If the answer to all of these questions is “yes” then it’s pretty clear you want to do whatever it is that’s come up. Have at it!

However, if the answer to any of them is “no” you may want to take the time to assess what’s not sitting right with you. Is an underlying limiting belief at play and driving you to take an action that may cost you in some way? Are you just offering a knee-jerk yes response because that’s what you’ve always done? It’s time to change that and honor what you’re feeling – that you’d rather say no.

Saying no doesn’t have to be difficult or bad. In fact, saying no often earns you more respect!


If you’re feeling nervous about saying no or feeling that you simply can’t, book a Complimentary Assessment Call with me so I can share some of the proven ways to say no without hurting yourself or the other person. Plus, I share the key mistakes that people make when they finally make that leap to say no, and how to avoid them!


For today, take a look at all the things you are saying yes to, and run them through the four questions above to see where you can start saying no and reclaiming some of your precious time.


Tomorrow, we’re going to look at the other type of change: incorporating something new that will bring back some fulfillment, purpose, and happiness to your life. Yes, it’s going to be fun, fun, fun! If that’s a foreign concept to you right now, have no fear. It’ll be simple and easy to do.

Alex 🙂